Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happenings this week

This week was a little rough. Daniel and I spent the entire week sleeping on an air mattress in the front room because I just couldn't handle Josh's night waking habits anymore, and letting him cry it out with me in there was too much. You roll your eyes at my not being able to handle it, but he was waking up about once an hour (this is no exaggeration, I have witnesses). Since he has been born he has never even slept so long as 4 hours straight, and it has been really...well, tiring! So we finally decided on letting him cry it out, and feeding him once a night. After the first couple nights, he was doing a lot better and only waking up 3 times. But last night he slept from 7pm - 3am! Then slept until about 6:15. It was awesome! We are making small steps, but we will get there.

Josh not only learned to sleep better at night, but he also learned how to roll over! Unfortunately he has been practicing during naptime, and now he sleeps for about 20-30mins before he wakes up. (Grr...)My theory is that he just wants to practice rolling over some more.

Heather started sleeping in the big girl bed last night. She did great! We have been trying to get her to sleep in the big girl bed for a while (since before Josh was born). We would ask her if she wanted to sleep in the big girl bed. She would get excited about it, we would put her in it, but then she would get up and make a mad dash for the crib. She seemed afraid of it. So Daniel and I decided we needed to take the crib out of the room. After her afternoon nap yesterday, we said goodbye to the crib. I thought she would totally flip out, but she handled it very well! She was a little confused at night when Daniel laid her down, but she stayed in bed and slept all night. In the morning she just quietly read books until 7 when we normally get her up. Daniel said she had been reading her scriptures. I guess we are training her right. I was nervous about naptime today, but she, again, stayed in bed and took a good nap. I am sure it won't last forever, but she is surprising us at how well she is making the transition!

So, after a long hard week, all of our hard work is paying off. I was able to capture this cute moment during the week. Heather has become such a good big sister! (Most of the time...)


Techno Grandma said...

Did I ever tell you how we got your Mom to sleep in her own bed? I always put the kids in their own beds to go to sleep at night but sometime during the night they'd somehow wake up and come crawl in bed with us. We had only a full size bed and there just wasn't room for too many extra people.

One night Carolyn came in and I think Cathy had already come in so I put Cathy back in her crib--she was asleep-- and then took Carolyn to her crib and told her it was her beddy and Daddy and I didn't sleep in her beddy and she should sleep in it so it wouldn't feel lonesome. I snuggled her down in her beddy and she went to sleep and we didn't have too much trouble after that. Maybe our bed was too small for them to feel really comfortable anyway but she didn't come in to us much after that night.

More Joy in "The Service" said...

That picture is SOOOOO cute! Steph, you are a great photographer!

More Joy in "The Service" said...

I never recall hearing the story of keeping me in my own bed. Thanks for caring enough about others to help them out Steph. I admit, I'm just catching up on all the blogs. It's fun to see my children helping each other be good parents. Who was your photographer Steph? He did a great job too.