Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My baby?

My baby is no longer a baby. :'( I can't believe Josh is a year old already. I love that the first year is so full of firsts! First baths, first smiles, first steps, so many firsts, and I have loved everyone of them.  We have had a lot of ups and downs with Josh. He was colicky for the first little while (but believe me it seemed like a really long time), but after he was able to move around a bit, things started to settle down. Now that he can walk (practically) and hold his own against Heather (practically), he is very cheerful.  He has filled our home with so much joy. He is a sweet boy.

I can't believe how fast they grow! Here is a sample of how fast this baby grew in a year. 

Holding my boy for the first time. He came out screaming, and he didn't stop for 7 months!

My beautiful baby boy.

First smiles...ok, I guess he didn't scream ALL the time...

Just look at that chub...(not mine)

A spitter-upper

So happy at bathtime

My favorite photo of my two kids.

What can I say, I'm smitten.

Loves to play with Daddy.
First time on a swing. You guessed it, He loves it!

Little musicians

His favorite place to play.

After going down the sled (alone) for the first time
His new favorite place to play.

Happy birthday, baby boy! I look forward to another wonderful year! I sure love you Josh!


Boy Mom said...

He is adorable! When he leaves on a mission you'll look back and it will feel about as long as the past year.

Congrats on the new house, I'm assuming that means job. You have such a perfect little life, good for you! Love ya!

Jenny said...

Ah! He's so cute. I love the picture of him when you went sledding. So cute!