Monday, March 5, 2012

My THREE year old!

Three years ago today, I received my favorite title and responsibility. Three years ago today, I became a mommy. Three years ago today, Heather was born. I can't believe it! I have had a lot of memories flooding my mind today. This morning at 7:30 I was remembering that we were sitting in the hospital waiting for her to come. At 3:30 this afternoon I remembered what it felt like to hold her in my arms for the first time.

Ok, this wasn't the first time, but that one is a little gory. ;)

 I remembered her first smiles.

Just look at that smile. 
And I am still mad that someone stole this cute outfit from the Wymount laundry mat!
 Our goofy, sweet, happy little Heather at 1 year old:

 Two years old, and just as happy as ever:

Now, three years later, I still love to hear her call my name, and tell me, "Mommy, I need a hug." I hope she will always ask me for hugs, even when she's my age.

I love to hear her sweet voice sing. I love to see her learning, and then teaching what she learns to other people. 

 I love that she is so concerned with everyone around her, "Mommy, are you fine? Are you doin' pretty good? Are you tired?"

"Mommy...are you mad?" (It's really hard to stay mad when she says that!)

I love to see her spread happiness to those around her by giving a cheery, "hi!" to everyone she see's. She has brought smiles to many a down trodden face.

So, a very happy birthday to my beautiful, happy, (not so) baby girl!

Birthday Breakfast...with sprinkles!

Heather and her birthday presents: raincoat and boots, swimming suit, candy land, and crayons that won't break! A new shirt and swimming suit cover up, are not being modeled, but are shown on the table and ground behind her. ;)
Heather, you make Mommy so proud. I am happy you chose me to be your mommy. I love being your mommy, and I love you!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! I can't believe she's three!

Cowboy mom said...

Happy Birthday, Heather! This world is lucky to have you and your smiles!

Rachel and Erick Morwood said...

You should see the picture of my first time holding Wren...that is like some people might puke gory, and I'm not dressed. I can't believe Heather is three...she's so cute!!