Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas break!

We went to El Paso, TX for Christmas. My entire family was there, and probably for the last time before the missionary wave starts. Especially with the new age adjustments, I am pretty sure we will have someone out for the next 8 years! It was a lot of fun! We all got sick at least once, but we were happy to be there, and make some good memories. Heather and Josh loved getting to know their aunts and uncles better, and were very sad to leave. Josh woke up the morning after we got back and asked for "jonjon" and "kikic" (John and Isaac). Heather has asked to go back to Grandma's almost every day since we got back. Their favorite new game is that they going on an airplane to visit Grandma and Grandpa...she has started calling me Grandma. I ok with that?

Finishing up making care packages for soldiers.
Uncle John made a great baby sitter!

Isaac: "When is he going to leave?" Josh: "Mom, save me!"

Proof that I was there...I am pretty sure this is the only photo on my camera that I am in...sad.

Proof that we are weird...especially me...

Our white Christmas. We went to White Sands, NM

All the boys burying Jared.

I don't particularly think TX is beautiful, but this...this is beautiful.

There was a lot of this going on...all Christmas break.

Two cute girls!

Digging through her stocking

The only thing Josh seemed excited about were the candy canes!

Ummm...Dad? Your bathing suit is on inside out...

Before the polar dip

Picture about sums up the pain...

The after pic of the crazies who participated.

El Paso Mission tour.

Pretty much sums up the relationship between Josh and Isaac. The. Entire. Time.

After all the abuse, Josh still managed to hang onto the toy...and not even shed a tear. That's not to say he didn't hit back a few times....

Daniel and I were able to escape for a day. Despite both of us getting over colds, it was nice. The idea of sleeping in was nice too, but unfortunately, we weren't able to sleep in past 7:30 despite our best efforts. What is up with that???

Football player princess witch...ok?

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