Sunday, January 20, 2013

November and December 2012

We had a fairly low-key November and (early) December. We enjoyed having Daddy home for Thanksgiving, which we shared with some friends here. It was a lot of fun.

We are doing preschool with a friend once a week. Heather has really enjoyed this, and is doing really well learning to read and write. She has been able to do three letter words in sign language (finger-spelling) for a long time, but finally she is learning to write the words! And recognize them in print! The other day she was coloring and figured out how to spell "mom" all by herself. I was so proud! (Sorry...little mom brag moment. Although...isn't that what a blog is for?) She is growing up so much! We love our fun-loving girl!

Josh has really started talking a lot. It has been interesting to observe how different Heather and Josh learned to talk. Heather learned word by word, and slowly started making sentences. Josh will just all of the sudden blurt out an entire sentence! His latest are "I wanit!," "thankyamom," "onner ptkiptki" (that one is a little tough...other blankie) and a few other phrases. He also just pops up with a "hard" word like "amlulance" and pronounces it (nearly) perfectly. It is SO nice that he is talking (and signing!) more! Seriously...a lot less whining! He loves to "clacla" (color), and do preschool with Heather and I. He is so cute and we love his determined little personality!

Building tents with Daddy during Thanksgiving break.

Preschool Pals
One of the few times I've been able to catch her being still!

No words...

Making faces on a nice warm day.

Josh was a walking table for several days. :)

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