Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow shoveling and blanket burritos

Our townhome complex has a pretty good maintenance crew, but sometimes I get impatient waiting for them to arrive and take matters into my own hands before the snow/ice gets too comfortable on our sidewalk. Heather and Joshua were happy to join me this morning to help out.

Looks like Heather's starting to get the hang of this!

Joshua...not so much. He's just outside for the fun.

When the walk was cleared, we came back inside to dry off and warm up. As he has been doing a lot recently, Joshua asked to be wrapped up like a blanket burrito. As an infant Josh was very colicky, and often he could only be consoled if he was swaddled very tightly. We haven't swaddled him for a long time, but recently he started asking for it again.

Our little blanket burritos.

Heather babes got in on the swaddling action too!

Whatever floats your boat, Josh. Whatever floats your boat...

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