Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with a Black Light

We had a LOOOOOOONG January and February. It was so, SO cold and I had to get a little creative. We spent at least an hour in our small bathroom playing with a black light one day. I learned something from that experience: I have no clue how to take good photos when a black light is my only light source, and not have blurry kids, AND we are all easily entertained.

Josh wanted me to do his hair with our neon hair bobbers. I just couldn't resist. He called them his horns.
Any mom knows that silence and kids do not go together. Usually when kids are silent, it means they are up to something. (See Gold-bond post.) I was getting dressed one morning, and rushed downstairs because it had gotten exceedingly quiet. Too quiet. I was pleasantly surprised to find both of my kids on the couch reading. I am so happy to have two readers. Josh is not quite as enthusiastic as Heather, but he still loves books. Heather is really amazing at reading, and is reading on at least a 1st grade level. She reads everything. Pretty soon Daniel and I wont be able to spell things out to each other. We'll have to come up with a secret language.

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