Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's week

Heather experienced her first Valentine's party this year. She had a blast at preschool, and was SO excited to give her Valentines to her friends and teachers. I thought they turned out cute. (And yes, I'm one of those lame moms that doesn't do candy.) Here's what they say: (To the teacher's) You're the Highlight of my day, (To the students) You're all write! You're so sharp! You're the write friend for me!

On the day before Valentines day, Heather and I decided to do a girls day. We painted our nails pink, did makeup and hair, and took silly photos. Daniel came home and took one look at me and laughed out loud. Check out my awesome makeover!
Josh was our hair dresser. He has a thing for that yellow spray bottle.

Heather's face...

My lovely makeup job. Done by the talented Heather.

Funny faces
And of course, our heart shaped pizza and orange julius for dinner on Valentines Day. This year I did a chicken alfredo pizza with asparagus and broccoli. It was super yummy!

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