Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deals for Wheels!

Yes, it's true. We have finally gotten a sweet set of wheels. Someone in our block is moving overseas very soon, and they were selling their 2001 Dodge Stratus. Although this is a little bit earlier than we were planning on getting a vehicle, we were very pleased with the deal that we got and the quality of the car.

Ok, so maybe it doesn't look exactly like that. But get rid of the intake, the decals, and the body kit, and it's practically the same car!

We also had the chance of spending the night at Mom and Dad Standage's house last night. Dad left early this morning for a week of training, and mom unfortunately had to work today, so we're here so Laura can babysit us. There stake had stake conference today, and the visiting seventy gave a very good talk. He concluded his remarks with an experience that Elder Cecil O. Samuelson shared with him. It's probably too long to write here, but it was wonderful.

Well, we love you all. Hope you have a great week!

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JakieWakie said...

You ever see that SNL sketch where Will Ferrell keeps screaming out, "I DRIVE a Dodge STRATUS!!!"? Classic. That can be you!