Sunday, October 12, 2008

About Daniel...

Name & meaning: Daniel Scott
I am not exactly sure why Mom and Dad named him Daniel Scott... BUT, according to, Daniel is Hebrew and means "God is my Judge," and Scott originates in England and means "Of Scottish Origin." I didn't feel like doing anymore research, so that is the best you are going to get.

I do have kind of a funny story though...Right after we got home from our honeymoon, Mom and Dad Standage helped us lug our gifts into the apartment, and put things away. Daniel was in the other room, and Dad came up and asked me, (ok maybe this isn't exactly the way it went, but it was something pretty similar) " So, do you call Daniel Dan, or Daniel?" I was a little surprised and replied that I call him Daniel most of the time. Dad then said "That is good, because in our family we call him Daniel."

Apparently, when Mom and Dad named him, they always wanted Daniel to be DANIEL. I personally like Daniel better than Dan, but if we are around people that call him Dan, I call him Dan...especially when I need to get his attention.

Age: 23

Nicknames: Dan (mostly used by Utah people who tend to be lazy and shorten names...meaning no offense, I do it too), Honey, Handsome, he is my Knight in Shining Armor, Mr. Incredible, and the most used by me: My Hero.

Favorite Activities: He loves computers, and he likes learning about new technology; playing, singing, and listening to music; he likes to cook every once in a while; he likes the outdoors when the weather is good; most of all he likes to come home and cater to the needs of his dearest, most lovely, pregnant (and unfortunately sometimes grumpy) wife.

Favorite Foods: Enchiladas, baked beans and cornbread, cheese, fresh fruits and veggies, anything with sugar in it, he will pretty much eat anything I make...which either means that he is easy to please, or I am a VERY good cook (which I really don't think is the case).

Least Favorite Foods: He really isn't picky. Celery isn't his favorite, but he eats it; he had a bad experience with too much stringy, melted cheese once, so he sometimes has a hard time with lasagna, and homemade macaroni and cheese.

Favorite Music: John Mayer, U2, Mo-Tab, Classical (especially Mozart "because leading experts say, Mozart makes babies smarter").

Favorite Toys: he likes playing with his best friend (me. However, I do not consider myself a toy), computers, and his guitar.

Favorite Book: I can't really say I know what his favorite book is. All I have ever seen him reading is his scriptures and textbooks. I'd say out of those two, the scriptures are probably high on the favorite list. He also likes the Chronicles of Narnia.

Favorite Item of Clothing: He likes to dress business casual, but I don't really know what his favorite is. MY favorite outfit is a tie between his dark blue shirt that dad gave him, and the lighter blue shirt that Uncle Eric gave him. I like it when he wears either of those shirts with his tan pants.

What Makes Him Happy: Feeling like he has accomplished something, getting good grades, eating ice cream, music, ME!

What Makes Him Sad: not having enough time in one day, feeling overwhelmed with all of his responsibility (which he handles very well), he is most sad when I am sad.

Additional things I love about Daniel: His hard work and willingness to serve, treating others with respect, his eyes, his commitment to the gospel and trying to do the right thing, or Christ like thing all the time, his sincerity, treating me with love and respect even when I am ornery, making me feel like the most beautiful princess in the world.


Michele said...

Hey, that was pretty funny to read, you did a good job Stephanie.

Laura & Steve said...

Congrats on passing the halfway mark, and thanks for being a good sport about the spotlight on Daniel! I loved getting to know him (and you) better! Hmmm, now I wonder if maybe I'm in trouble for calling "Stephen" Steve! :)

Steve said...

Good on ya, kiddo! -Stephen

Margaret said...

I have a reeeeeeally hard time believing that you are ever grumpy.

But you sure make a cute pregnant lady! :)

juli and ben said...

We love you Daniel!!