Monday, October 27, 2008

"Great Works" of Halloween

As an Honors program participant, I am required to have a certain number of "Great Works" experiences involving classic works of art, literature, music, etc. The Honors program often puts on activities that help students fulfill these Great Works experiences, and Friday night Stephanie and I attended one such activity. It was a Halloween party with a few games, tons of candy and cookies, and a showing of the classic film Bride of Frankenstein.

The games were kinda lame (it was mostly freshmen, what can you expect? see Figure 2), and the movie was almost too amusing to be considered a great work of art (it sure is classic though). It was fun anyway. We were, however, encouraged to come in costume, and our costume "the doctor and the pregnant lady" was very popular--we won the award for the "Authentic" category (see Figure 1), the prize of which was to relieve the Honors program of some of their extra candy. It was a good little inexpensive Friday-night date.

Figure 1: The "doctor and the pregnant lady" was a big hit. I think Stephanie is a "great work" of art!

Figure 2: Stephanie is trying to figure out these freshman, and I am helping the Honors program not to waste their cookies and frosting!


Joey said...

so the doctor married his patient?

Daniel said...

it appears so...!

Steve said...

Hey Shorty, that is a HUGE breach of the patient/doctor relationship, I hope you know. I'm glad you had fun though. I'm on call tonight. No trick or treating for me!