Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Back!!!

I had my first business trip this last week. Part of my responsibilities at work involve research with standards for web-based learning. This past week my boss and I attended a conference in Pensacola, Florida to and discusses some of the research we have been doing. It was really nice to be right on the beach, although I didn't have a chance to go--the only time I wasn't busy it was raining! Anyway, it was a great experience. I must admit, however, that I am glad to be home with Stephanie. It's not easy being apart for that many days, especially since she's pregnant. We celebrated with a romantic date night after she picked me up from the airport last night!

Stephanie is now 22 weeks along...She's still pregnant...It's still a girl...She's still a full time student and part time employee...and full time wife. All things considered, she's doing pretty well!


Margaret said...

A conference with Dr B?! Way to go, Daniel!! :)

Jessi said...

Go Stephanie! That is a really impressive list of accomplishments. I probably wouldn't be a very happy pregnant-working-student. ;)


PS: I'm still hoping you guys have gotten any of my messages, I live in GA with you guys.