Sunday, November 13, 2011

Date night: Cars 2

We had a really fun family date on Friday night. We thought it would be fun to watch Cars 2 together, and I (in my craziness) thought it would be a fun idea to have a themed dinner and watch the movies in cars. I spent the afternoon working and this is how it turned out.

Our decor featured: road plate mats (very useful for keeping tots occupied while mommy was finishing up in the kitchen) and tires (you will see these in other photos, we used the tires for our cars later)

About to enjoy our yummy meal.

Reading the menu. Here's what was served:

"Mack" and cheese. Southwest truth, leftovers.

To"mater" pizza. Pizza with tomatoes, spinach, basil, and cheese...actually leftover pizza Margherita.

Mater's sweet tater fries...Holy Sheeeooot! These were good!

Doc's dip sticks. Carrot sticks with ranch.

Winning race tracks. Homemade pretzels.

Stop lights. M&Ms held on by melted chocolate.

The menu. In order to give credit where credit is due, here is the link to the original menu. I actually used photoshop to change it up a bit. AND although I came up with the general idea myself, as I was looking online for ideas I came across this blog. I got the menu, and some of the food ideas and drink printouts there.

Dinoco Oil, and Fillmore's Organic Fuel. Chocolate milk, and crystal light respectively.

Daniel was super excited to be eating this exquisite, well thought out, planned, and prepared meal. ;)

We got the kids bathed and we all got in our pj's then we had races in our cars, and then sat down to watch the movie...we lasted about 20 mins in the cars.

Most of my time during the afternoon was spent painting and cutting out the cars. It was really fun to race and sit in them, but unless you have older kids that would be able to help, and probably enjoy them more, and take car of them better, you may want to just have toy car races on your table mats, or table runner. (that's what they did in the blog I looked up, but because I had already thought of the idea and started cutting, I didn't do it. BTW, I thought of the place mats before I saw the blog. I guess great minds think alike.)

Ahem...Josh likes to eat tires.

Cozy Cones. Rocky road ice cream, covered in motor oil (chocolate syrup), and topped with a cozy and delicious sugar cone.

Casa della tires. Hostess über-greasy, über-cheap (as in cheap ingredients) chocolate doughnuts.

All in all, it was a fun and relatively cheap date. I had most of the stuff, but the stuff I did buy cost me $11.50. You can't get that kind of entertainment for that little these days!

PS. sorry for the long, detailed post, but it was at the request of a dear friend. ;)


Boy Mom said...

So cute! I don't think the house would survive the races with too much older kiddos though, at least my boys ages. We'd end up with Cars3 Demolition At Delmonico Mater's Busy Busy Day.

The towers of tires are super cute.

Daniel Standage said...

Stephanie really outdid herself with this date. It was loads of fun!

Jenny said...

Yeah, if I had two kids I'd never find the energy to do all that. It looks like you had fun though. Heather always looks entertained anyway. ;) Cute ideas.

Techno Grandma said...

You will be so good at cub scouts--you've got the gift of creativity with fun things to do cheaply!
And your dinner really does look scrumptious but I just got back from the dentist and I forgot to ask them what I could eat tonight so I guess it's soup again. sigh.

Katrina said...

Soooo cute Steph!! Thank you for doing this post! I loved reading it and seeing the pictures. You are so creative and cute, not to mention a babe;)Daniel, Heather, and Josh sure are lucky to have you.

Daniel Standage said...

We sure are lucky!