Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Turkey Turkey

Iowa State gives an entire week of class holidays around Thanksgiving, so I had lots of extra time at home...right? Well, sort of. To my surprise, we still had one of our weekly research meetings on Monday, so I went to campus during the kids' nap for that. Then I spent all day on campus on Tuesday catching up with a class term project. And then, to my further surprise, we still had one of our other weekly meetings on Wednesday, despite the holiday, so I had to hurry to campus to make that meeting too! Note to self...class holiday ≠ research holiday!

Despite the unexpected meetings and some unexpected sore throats and fevers, it was a pretty good week. We went to the Des Moines botanical center on Monday morning, had friends over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and then ventured out for a brief (but productive) Black Friday shopping trip on Friday.

We'll let the pictures tell the story.

Heather really enjoyed the botanical center.

Josh got his first close-ups smelling and touching some exotic flora.

He had a blast.


The fam.

We knew the little devil had horns!

Heather keeping everyone entertained.

Pose much, Heather?

Taught Heather how to use a mouse. Did not want to get off StarFall.

Thanksgiving, post-turkey, post-walk, pre-pie. Playing some games to pass the time.

Heather and Joshua tickling the ivories.


Jenny said...

What?! I think geraniums smell good! ;) Heather looks kinda like Shirley Temple with all those gorgeous curls. I love Josh's little horns.

Katrina said...

Fun Thanksgiving week! We love the botanical center too, especially in the winter time, so I'm glad you could go. Heather is seriously growing so fast. Love the picture of her and Josh at the piano.