Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Between Birthdays

March is such an exciting month for the kiddos! Heather has been gobbling up all the attention that she has been getting about her birthday. We have one party for the kids (if we do one at all) between their birthdays. We did it yesterday. For the week between her birthday and the party Heather often said, "Everyone's gonna come celebrate ME!!" You need to imagine that the intensity of the sentence gradually increases until its a high squeal at the end. She's so cute. :)

Josh has been talking a whole lot lately. He has also been singing a lot. He learning to sing "Happy Birthday" yesterday, but I don't think that's much considering that he knows almost all the Disney princess songs! (I don't know where he gets it!)

March is depressing for me because just when you think it's going to get snows...on the upside, the kids are thrilled!

She wanted me to take a photo of her snow angel...which you can't see very well.

Shoveling off the car.

Josh putting the nose on our snowman.

Posing with Frosty.

It was fun to sing "Once there was a Snowman," and watch while he melted the next few days.
Pretty sure he was singing.

Their awesome cake! Heather wanted a Strawberry cake, Josh likes trucks right now, so it's a strawberry cake with strawberry filling and construction everything else. Both Heather and Josh loved it! Score!

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Happy Birthday Heather!

Yeah! She blew out the candles!

Eating yummy cake with some friends.

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Katrina said...

Wish we could of been there! Happy Birthday cuties!