Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We have a FOUR year old!

Heather is four this year! These last four years have been amazing. I love my happy, cheerful, loud, energetic, bouncy, girl! She brings sunshine to everyone's life. Daniel and I often remark that we are sure that is one reason she was sent to earth. To bring happiness and joy to those around her. Even perfect strangers. She loves everyone, and has brought smiles to many strangers (and friends!) sad/grumpy/depressed faces. We love you Heather!

Traditional birthday pancakes!

Blowing out the candles.

She was so excited the day before when we got the package from Grandma. She saw it in the morning, so we did presents in the morning instead of after Daddy got home from work.

What does Josh do when it's Heather's birthday? He walks around with pants on his head. That's what he does. "Is hat!"

Twirling in her new cape!

One of my favorites. This captures Heather's stage right now. Princess/fairy/mommy/witch stage...

Can't get enough of those dimples!


She "zapped" me!

Look at her tongue!

We travel in style.

This is what four looks like. :)
Thank you to everyone who made her birthday/week special!

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