Saturday, March 16, 2013

Josh turns 2!

Joshua is now a two-year-old! Wow, it's hard to believe how quickly time passes.

Since visiting Stephanie's family over Christmas break, Josh has become a lot more chatty and sing-y. When Heather started talking a few years ago, she learned word-by-word---Joshua seems to be picking up entire phrases at a time. Sometimes it takes a bit for us to figure out what he's saying, but it's always cute. And in the vocal performance department, likes to sing primary songs and Disney princess tunes with Heather...I'll have to teach him some manly Disney tunes I guess. Either way, it's really cute and we'll try to post some video soon.

Our celebration for Joshua's birthday this year was kinda spread out. We had a joint party for Heather and Joshua on Tuesday (Stephanie already posted some pictures for that) and opened some of Josh's presents later that night. His actual birthday was on the 15th, we were on a short family vacation in Chicago (pictures coming soon) and we must have sang Happy Birthday at least 5 times: once for breakfast, once for presents in the car, once for presents at the hotel, once for cake in the hotel, and at least a couple of other times.

So without further ado, the pictures...

Presents Tuesday night. Josh is really excited about his Little People parking garage!

Mom showing Josh how it's done.

The morning of March 15, Josh's real birthday. We left early to drive to Chicago,  and had birthday cake pancakes in the car for breakfast.

We stopped at a rest stop on the road, and took a moment to open some of Josh's presents. This is a superhero cape from grandma. Woo-hoo, now he can dress up with Heather!

A cool little bag for carrying Josh's toy cars, and a Lightning McQueen toy. Ka-chow!

After a long day of sight-seeing, we opened the rest of his presents in the hotel.  He loves construction equipment!

...aaaaand some cake.

He can be whiny, and boy he can be ornery. But he is cute, fun, and a very good boy. We're glad to have Joshua in our family. Happy 2nd Birthday, Josh!

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