Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just Josh

Oh Josh, you are adorable! Do you know that? Yes, of course you do, I tell you several times a day! I love that you love to dress up and play dollies and house with Heather, but you are still all boy. You love firetrucks, cars, tractors, planes, and funny noises.

You are snuggly and sweet, and you know it too! You sometimes say, "Mommy, I'm a sweet boy!" But beware. You also have a super stubborn side and react very strongly when things don't go your way. You just don't give up! That's a great skill to have, and I'm glad you won't have to develop it later. For now, I'll just try not to go crazy.

You are very touchy about your name. If I call you a little monkey, you quickly respond very seriously with, "No. I'm Josh." You're not Superman, you're "Super-Josh." One time we all dog piled on top you, and you said, "Mom, I'm not a dog. I'm Josh." You know who you are, that's for sure!

You are my favorite little Super-Josh in the whole wide world, and I love you!



So excited to be driving a firetruck!

Uhhh, Josh, your pant are on upside down.

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