Monday, November 11, 2013


September was a great month for the most part. The weather was awesome, and we had lots of fun outside. Here are some photos.
Rainy days are for making cookies with mommy.

Look at that face!

Josh the Builder. "Can he fix it?" Josh the builder. "Yes he can!"

Lovin' the blue hard hat, dude!

Josh's assistant

Pretending to be Wendy from Bob the Builder

Coloring with chalk...and giving the most adorable smiles!

First time Heather wrote out the entire alphabet by herself!

Notice Josh's ear. Yeah...he thought he could fly off the porch. Nope.

I came downstairs one day to find 3 of the 4 walls in our basement were covered in Heather's artwork. She scrubbed it for a very long time. After I had taken some time to calm down, I grabbed a magic eraser and we talked about the atonement. How Jesus is like the magic eraser when we sin and make our own (spiritual) walls dirty. He can clean it up if we ask Him and do everything we can to remedy the situation. I think it was a good lesson. To both of us.

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